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Let’s Talk Angel Investors

What are Angels? Angels are individuals that invest their own personal money in private companies, typically at a very early stage.  They are generally Accredited Investors under Reg D of the Securities Act of 1933 (meaning they have a net worth of at least $1M or that they made more than $200k the past three […]

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Overnight Success May Equal Short Lifespan – But Should it?

Recently read an interesting article put out by Knowledge@Wharton titled The Long-term Downside of Overnight Success.  Relying on Wharton research, the article indicates that “products that catch on too quickly may end up being less successful overall.”  The researchers relied mainly on a study of first name popularity.  Names that soar into popularity fastest also tend […]

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Is the Law Firm Business Model Changing?

I am writing this entry in reference to Jason Mendelson’s recent blog entry “Adam Smith – The Wealth of Lawyers.”  Jason argues that we are going to see the end of big law firms as we know it.  He references a recent op-ed piece from the Wall Street Journal that argues the same point.  Apparently, however, […]

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You Are Either Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution

I got a kick out of this article by Seth Godin.  It’s about the classic situation where you are looking for help from a customer service rep that frankly admits that their employer sucks, the company sucks and even though they are admittedly nice and wanting to help you, they are handcuffed by their evil corporation.  […]

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