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Update on Earlier Post: 15 Common But Avoidable Mistakes

You may have read my earlier post entitled Doing it Right the First Time:  The 15 Most Common, but Avoidable, Mistakes Made by High Growth Start-ups.  I wanted to add some additional articles/posts I’ve read since then that add some flavor to my post.  Check out the following: When to Fire Your Co-Founders, by Simeon […]

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What Should an Executive Summary Look Like?

Depending on who you are raising money from, your initial contact with the investor(s) will take different forms.  If you are raising friends and family money, then you will most likely use a private placement memo format along with a subscription agreement as your initial contact.  This is so because at the friends and family level, you […]

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If You Provide a Strategic Technology or Outsourced Service, Consider Taking Some Equity in Your Fee Structure

I remember the mid to late 90’s well.  Everyone was high on the hog and sniffing Internet glue.  Kids that couldn’t even shave had a paper net worth in the millions, if not billions in some cases.  And some of the most ridiculous deals of the century got funded.  The atmosphere was such that everyone believed […]

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