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Simplifying the Law: Could It Be That Simple?

It’s been a long time since I put up a post – chalk it up to a couple of very busy weeks.  I tried to shut off all electronics over the holidays and take a much needed mental hiatus.  I am now ready to get back to posting. As you know, my blog is about venture capital, [...]

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Update on Earlier Post: 15 Common But Avoidable Mistakes

You may have read my earlier post entitled Doing it Right the First Time:  The 15 Most Common, but Avoidable, Mistakes Made by High Growth Start-ups.  I wanted to add some additional articles/posts I’ve read since then that add some flavor to my post.  Check out the following: When to Fire Your Co-Founders, by Simeon [...]

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Doing It Right the First Time: The 15 Most Common, but Avoidable, Mistakes Made by High Growth Start-ups

Imagine you are half-way through due diligence on your Series A round and the venture fund’s counsel realizes that you never complied with federal and state securities laws when you raised angel money.  Or, imagine your early CTO hire does not have the level of experience he/she professed in the interview or on his/her resume and the company is [...]

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Hiring the Right Start-Up Lawyer – No Posers Allowed!

If you are an entrepreneur or the founder of a start-up or emerging growth company, one of the most important decisions you will make is hiring the right lawyer.  Like all things in life, there are good lawyers and bad lawyers and telling the difference up front can be difficult.  The service they sell (advice) [...]

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Is the Law Firm Business Model Changing?

I am writing this entry in reference to Jason Mendelson’s recent blog entry “Adam Smith – The Wealth of Lawyers.”  Jason argues that we are going to see the end of big law firms as we know it.  He references a recent op-ed piece from the Wall Street Journal that argues the same point.  Apparently, however, [...]

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