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Update on Earlier Post: 15 Common But Avoidable Mistakes

You may have read my earlier post entitled Doing it Right the First Time:  The 15 Most Common, but Avoidable, Mistakes Made by High Growth Start-ups.  I wanted to add some additional articles/posts I’ve read since then that add some flavor to my post.  Check out the following: When to Fire Your Co-Founders, by Simeon [...]

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Doing It Right the First Time: The 15 Most Common, but Avoidable, Mistakes Made by High Growth Start-ups

Imagine you are half-way through due diligence on your Series A round and the venture fund’s counsel realizes that you never complied with federal and state securities laws when you raised angel money.  Or, imagine your early CTO hire does not have the level of experience he/she professed in the interview or on his/her resume and the company is [...]

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Being the First Mover or Having No. 1 Market Share Isn’t Everything

I don’t care if your company is bigger than the competition or has what some like to call the “first mover advantage,” beating out the competition is all about differentiation and playing to your strengths.  What recently got me thinking about this was an older podcast I was listening to from Stanford University’s Entrepreneurial Thought Leadership program.  The [...]

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Overnight Success May Equal Short Lifespan – But Should it?

Recently read an interesting article put out by Knowledge@Wharton titled The Long-term Downside of Overnight Success.  Relying on Wharton research, the article indicates that “products that catch on too quickly may end up being less successful overall.”  The researchers relied mainly on a study of first name popularity.  Names that soar into popularity fastest also tend [...]

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