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Collective Posts: There’s a Ton of Great Content Out There Right Now

I don’t know if it’s the summer, or if there is something in the water, but lately there has been a ton of great content posted.  Whether it’s thought leader material, or whether it’s hard to find data on VC rounds or seed financings, people are really cranking out a huge amount of material.  Here’s […]

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The One Piece of Advice I Give All Startups

If there is one consistent theme that I have seen across all startup and emerging growth companies, it’s the complete disarray found in retaining, managing and storing key company documents.  This isn’t a virus that affects only certain companies, or only young companies for that matter.  I’ve seen this piranha of a problem at every […]

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Empathy: An Invaluable Asset in Startups

It’s interesting to me that so many blog posts, books and other media nowadays focus on the hard skills (e.g., selling, coding, etc.) required to build a company, or to otherwise scale a successful startup.  Most companies today have figured out how to hire for hard skills.  Hard skills are readily ascertainable, verifiable by former […]

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Why Start-Up Entrepreneurs Never Hit Their Numbers, and What They Can Do About It

[guest post] By Frederick J. Beste, III There is a dichotomy in the world of entrepreneurship which is almost beyond belief: Every start-up entrepreneur believes that he is going to exceed his projections, yet None of them even reach them. I know, I know, one should be very careful in using absolutes like “every” and […]

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Delivering Real Value with Social Media

I recently attended the Early Stage East venture conference.  Amongst all of the great presenting companies, ESE had a few panels on a variety of topics.  I had the chance to sit in and listen to the Emerging Media Technologies panel discussion.  On the panel were: Matt Goddard of R2Integrated; Jeff Pulver of 140Conf; Steven Rosenbaum of; […]

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Update on Earlier Post: 15 Common But Avoidable Mistakes

You may have read my earlier post entitled Doing it Right the First Time:  The 15 Most Common, but Avoidable, Mistakes Made by High Growth Start-ups.  I wanted to add some additional articles/posts I’ve read since then that add some flavor to my post.  Check out the following: When to Fire Your Co-Founders, by Simeon […]

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If You Provide a Strategic Technology or Outsourced Service, Consider Taking Some Equity in Your Fee Structure

I remember the mid to late 90’s well.  Everyone was high on the hog and sniffing Internet glue.  Kids that couldn’t even shave had a paper net worth in the millions, if not billions in some cases.  And some of the most ridiculous deals of the century got funded.  The atmosphere was such that everyone believed […]

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Doing It Right the First Time: The 15 Most Common, but Avoidable, Mistakes Made by High Growth Start-ups

Imagine you are half-way through due diligence on your Series A round and the venture fund’s counsel realizes that you never complied with federal and state securities laws when you raised angel money.  Or, imagine your early CTO hire does not have the level of experience he/she professed in the interview or on his/her resume and the company is […]

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Board of Directors vs. Board of Advisors

The basic difference between a board of directors and a board of advisors is that the former is a legal requirement and has fiduciary duties to the shareholders of the corporation and the latter is not a requirement and bears no legal responsibility to the shareholders of the corporation.  The board of advisors concept was […]

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Being the First Mover or Having No. 1 Market Share Isn’t Everything

I don’t care if your company is bigger than the competition or has what some like to call the “first mover advantage,” beating out the competition is all about differentiation and playing to your strengths.  What recently got me thinking about this was an older podcast I was listening to from Stanford University’s Entrepreneurial Thought Leadership program.  The […]

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