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Why Start-Up Entrepreneurs Never Hit Their Numbers, and What They Can Do About It

[guest post] By Frederick J. Beste, III There is a dichotomy in the world of entrepreneurship which is almost beyond belief: Every start-up entrepreneur believes that he is going to exceed his projections, yet None of them even reach them. I know, I know, one should be very careful in using absolutes like “every” and […]

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SEC Gives VC and Smaller Private Fund Managers Limited Relief from Investment Adviser Registration

[Guest Post] By Keith S. Marlowe, Esq. Background Investment managers of private funds (“Private Fund Managers”) such as venture capital, private equity, real estate and hedge funds (i.e., funds not registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended (the “Act”)) have been greatly concerned about the regulations in the Dodd-Frank Act requiring such […]

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Does Crowdfunding Work for Early Stage Growth Companies?

I guess crowdsourced funding or “crowdfunding” – as it seems to be known – has reached mainstream now that The Wall Street Journal (article), Knowledge@Wharton (article), TechCrunch (article) and The Economist (article) have all written articles on the topic.  The earliest article I found regarding crowdfunding was a Times article from 2008, so the concept […]

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Simplifying the Law: Could It Be That Simple?

It’s been a long time since I put up a post – chalk it up to a couple of very busy weeks.  I tried to shut off all electronics over the holidays and take a much needed mental hiatus.  I am now ready to get back to posting. As you know, my blog is about venture capital, […]

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Weighing In On The Debate Over Standardized Financing Documents

The topic of standardized angel or venture financing documents is is an old topic, for sure.  Most recently, Brad Feld weighed in on this issue back in March 2010 by valiantly offering to take on the task of drafting standardized financing documents, but following a post by his partner Jason Mendelson (along with probably millions of emails […]

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Apparently, Early Stage Investors Aren’t Endangered – Quite The Contrary!

You may recall my earlier post from a few weeks ago entitled “Are True Early Stage Investors An Endangered Species?”  After laying down some background, I took the position that super-angel funds and incubators/accelerators (e.g., Y Combinator, TechStars, DreamIt), had the best chance of solving the early stage funding gap and that capital efficiencies and […]

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Technically Philly: Friday Q&A – Gil Beyda of Genacast Ventures

Editor’s Note:  This post originally ran on Technically Philly and is re-purposed here with permission. Gil Beyda, originally from Los Angeles, has Dave Morgan to thank for bringing him to Philadelphia.  When Beyda and Morgan founded Real Media in 1995, they chose to locate the online ad serving company in Fort Washington because of the […]

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VC Deal Lawyer Blog – First Anniversary!!

Yes, it is the First Anniversary of the VC Deal Lawyer blog!  One year ago, I posted my first article on this site.  Prior to that I invested probably close to 35 or 40 mistake/error filled hours trying to learn wordpress.org (the customizable version), how to self-host, FTP’ing pictures, customizing CSS/php, posting articles, etc.  In […]

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Dodd-Frank Bill Signed by Obama: Aspects of Individual Accredited Investor Tests Altered

On July 15, 2010, the U.S. Senate passed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (the “Act“).  On July 21st, President Obama signed this legislation into law.  As you may recall from my previous post on this issue, much concern surrounded this Act because of the proposed changes to the “accredited investor” qualifiers […]

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Delivering Real Value with Social Media

I recently attended the Early Stage East venture conference.  Amongst all of the great presenting companies, ESE had a few panels on a variety of topics.  I had the chance to sit in and listen to the Emerging Media Technologies panel discussion.  On the panel were: Matt Goddard of R2Integrated; Jeff Pulver of 140Conf; Steven Rosenbaum of Magnify.net; […]

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